All about me me me...

I was born in Sydney, Australia, named Laura, nicknamed and called Sonny but while still a tot, given the pseudonym ‘Little Nell’ by my father in his long running, weekly newspaper column about our family life.

I wanted to be in show business before I knew what it was and aged ten began ballet and modern dance classes, followed by singing lessons and drama school.

My name changed forever when I was seventeen and the invitation to an art exhibition I was to tap dance open read, ‘To be opened by Little Nell’.  I dropped the ‘Little’ once big enough to mix myself a martini.

At eighteen I moved to London, bobbed my hair and busked in the streets tap dancing and singing 1930’s songs where director Jim Sharman saw and cast me in the original theatre production of The Rocky Horror Show.  The following year we filmed The Rocky Horror Picture Show (the longest running film of all time) and six years later, with the same creative team, filmed Shock Treatment.  For more details click on My Dazzling Career

In 1986 I opened my infamous New York nightclub, Nell’s and my sparkling daughter, Tilly, was born in 1998.

I love meeting Rocky Horror fans and hearing how much the film means to them, how much it has helped them and that it continues to be an inspiration and celebration for the LGBTQ+ community.